About Uncommon Threads Embroidery


Uncommon Threads Embroidery is a creative, family-owned retail service company aimed at offering customizable apparel for individuals and companies. We strive to maintain a positive reputation by providing high quality merchandise and reliable services. We use state-of-the-art embroidery computer software and equipment to produce superior products. Although we are widely known for our embroidery services, our store offers unique gifts and apparel for all occasions.

History of the Company

The owners of Uncommon Threads Embroidery have always been entrepreneurs at heart. Rick and Theresa Cody started their first business, Crafter’s Showplace in March of 1992. Crafter’s Showplace was a unique retail store located in Downtown Shawnee that offered consumers hand-crafted items and gifts. Five years after opening Crafter’s, the Cody’s decided to expand their business market by adding embroidery to their list of services. In 1997, Crafter’s Showplace and the embroidery operations merged into one company called Uncommon Threads. Since then, Uncommon Threads has continued to grow and expand its’ operations.


“Being an entrepreneur means you have to put your mind,
body, and soul into your business. It has to be your passion…Uncommon
Threads is my passion.” – Theresa Cody